I'm Jacob Houghton, an oil painter based in Massachusetts.

My latest body of work explores connections between natural forms.

I hoped to give a renewed sense of wonder to things we have seen a million times.

"Speaking Sun"

"Land Meets Sky"

"Perennial Sound"

"The Architecture of Trees"

"Down to Earth"

"The Weight of Air"

"Dawn of The Individual"

Nature informs everything I create.

"View From Ruggles"

"The Edge of Existence"

"Downpour Reservoir"

"Passing Clouds"


"Sittin' on The Dock"

I got my start painting digitally -

I worked on video games, commission projects, and brought random concepts to life.

"Loarian's Study"

"Primeval Peak"

"An Old Man Washes Ashore"

"Sun Citadel"

"Study of a Yogi"


I create to express ideas.

"Palette Earth"

"Cosmic Tree"


"The Sound of Silence by Bobby Bass"

More work is waiting to be released. Stay tuned!!